About CarryMates

A new world order is on the horizon, coming out of its inception ‘Sharing Economy’ is a noble approach towards a better world with consumption shifting from individual basis to collective basis saving significant energy/resources and controlling pollution. The world recently has seen some great initiative on sharing economy ranging from cab sharing to home sharing to work place sharing. The businesses are continuously moving from heavy asset models to light asset models tapping the emerging technologies to create a win-win situation for everyone.

‘CarryMates’ is one such initiative in the courier and logistics space to maximise utilisation of the un-utilised carrying capacity of the millions of travellers commuting daily using various modes of transportation. CarryMates is bringing a unique and innovative platform to connect these travellers with the people who want to parcel their items. CarryMates is creating a social community platform where people will be connected with other building trust factors and informed about others travelling plans. This unique community will create ample opportunities for people to earn and save money as carriers and senders.


• Convenient and Economical

• Maximum utilisation of your carrying capacity

• Earn every time you travel


• Send and receive goods through our trusted community of travellers

• Our innovative Profile Trust Factor ensures only trustworthy people

• Maximum value for your money


• Post your travel plan easy and quick

• Share your travel plan with pickup and delivery dates

• So you have empty boot space. There are people to reward you


• Our platform is equipped with secure verification systems including Govt. ID verification

• Rating and reviews improves trust and security